The Westwood Witches

Publisher: AMIGO Comics
Written by: El Torres, Art by: Abel García, Edited by: Lance Tooks, Letterd by: Malaka Studio

The same team behind the acclaimed “Drums” miniseries at Image Comics tell us a whole new tale of horror that brings the witchcraft horror into the modern world. A macabre 4-issues miniseries that will be released in May, 2013.

The Westwood Witches is a story that could be best explained by saying it’s like Desperate Housewives meets sci-fi horror. The main character Jack is a successful writer of bestsellers… which he hates. Suffering from writer’s block, he  decides to go back to his old neighborhood, not knowing that his neighbors are real witches, the kind of demon worshipers that kill anyone who could disturb Westwood.

The Good
The first thing you will notice about this story is the artwork. Ridiculously well drawn and painted, Abel Garcia does a phenomenal job with both his coloring and drawing of creepy settings, beautiful women and gore. The panels are set up to flow smoothly. None of the characters look similar and are all individualized very well. Though where I think Abel shines the most is really in how he sets the tone/mood of the story with his use of colors. I really hope that  everyone reading this comic will take note, appreciate it and just notice it. The color use alone will get you engaged and emotionally drawn into each scene.

The writer El Torres has done a great job with this book. Page to page it’s very easy to follow. The dialogue between characters is  well written. The plot is both fun and spooky. Maybe gut-wrenching would be a good word choice here too because these women are DARK. They will show you just how dark and mid evil they can get.  From the first page to the last he does a great job setting the tone in the first issue for what appears to be a really good read.

The Bad
I honestly couldn’t tell you.

The Westwood Witches has me both hot and bothered. Only in the best ways though. Hot for the housewife sex appeal and bothered because well… These housewives are witches and do some very disturbing things.

A strong start to what appears to be a very well drawn, colored, sexy, graphic, gory, intriguing and well written story. This first issue should have you chomping at the bit for the next issue when it comes out!

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, opinions and fantasies are those of the individual reviewer.

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