“The way you Avenged us…it’s Uncanny!”

Contributor:  Ross Demma
Event: Uncanny Avengers #1 Release Party
Date: October 10, 2012
Location: Heroes & Villains Comic Store, Tucson, AZ

Showing up to an event like this always energizes me with the prospect of infinite creative possibilities. Who will show up? What will they ask for? What will I draw today that I have never had to draw previously?  Even though I’m really only scheduled for a few hours, I always clear my day for these events.  Even if I’m not drawing for the whole day, I love the “network” aspect: meeting people, talking to them about every subject (at one event, I talked to a local astrophysicist at length about the potential of life in other galaxies and the possibility that any of them would visit/have visited Earth.)

Of course, today didn’t disappoint: not only did I meet some new, awesome people, but we had a lengthy discussion on the undeniable awesomeness of Nic Cage (led by the walking Cage-Wiki himself: Eric Esquivel.) Of all the sketches I did: Hulk with a broken leg (which made me ponder *what* would be able to break the leg of The Hulk), Ms. Marvel & Spider Woman (still working on drawing women properly), *nothing* could prepare me for learning about a character name “Armless Tiger Man”.  Go ahead and Google it. I’ll wait.

It’s a trip, right?! He has officially de-throned “Matter-eating Lad” and “Quiltman” as one of the most bizarre characters I’ve ever heard of.  Wonderfully full day (I stayed until closing time) full of art, conversation, and a regeneration of creativity that I require every now and then.   It was another amazing experience that I get to have under my belt and I’m proud that my local comic book shop would extend the invitation to me.

See more pictures of the event at: https://www.facebook.com/RossDemmaArt

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