The Waking: Dream’s End Wrap Up

The thrilling conclusion is at hand…

Just as Vanessa Pelagreno starts to close in on the killer, things go horribly wrong.  With the loss of her new partner, Vanessa is more determined than ever to put an end to the killing spree, until the killer finally catches up with her! Now trapped and alone, Vanessa must face her past if she’s ever going to get out of this one alive.

So, this is it.  Vanessa is finally going to get to the bottom of this mystery, and then she lands herself in one sticky situation.  Ever since the events of the first volume, she has suffered immensely between the sleepless nights and continual loss of people close to her.  She just cannot escape what she did and she’s ready to accept and face it.  Raven has really put her through her paces, enduring more than a normal person would be able to.  Life just really has not been her friend throughout Dream’s End.

I really liked how Raven pretty much drove Vanessa right to the edge in issue three. The constant nightmares and feelings of uneasiness at all times weren’t enough that yet another tragedy springs up to really mess with her.  The determination to stop these killings is the only thing that really keeps her going.  This, as you’ll see, could be her own undoing.

Issue four brings it all together.  I very much enjoyed the ending of the series.  It has a nice throwback to the first volume and finally gives Vanessa some closure.  After all of the pain and anguish she’s endured, she can finally rest easy.  I might be reading into it a bit much, but there were a few loose ends to this volume that left it open for a possible sequel.  Although the issue might say “the end”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing else will ever happen in that universe, which is always a plus in my book. I always like the possibility of more to come.

As great as these last two issues were, there were a few issues of my own that I had with them.  In issue three, plot device comes up in one character’s monologue that seemed a little too convenient, which will become quite obvious in issue four.  It works well enough, but something just smells kinda fishy about the whole thing. Maybe it’s just me though.

The thing that bothered me the most in issue four was that by the end I was still a little confused as to some the details of the killer.  I got his motive and everything, but just some of the things he did I’m not really sure what to make of it.  This could be a complete oversight by me, but I’ve looked through the volume and just didn’t get it.  Still, not enough to take away from the story.

These last two issues of The Waking: Dream’s End are great, thrilling reads that bring about a rather satisfying conclusion. I always have and always will be a fan of Raven Gregory’s work and he really comes through with this series.  I mean, this is the first time I’ve ever found myself rooting for the zombies.  I do recommend picking up these last two issues to one of the more original series out there.  For more information on these books and where to get them, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.

Editor’s Note: The Waking: Dream’s End is now available as a Trade Paperback with all of the issues collected into one book.

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