The Waking: Dream’s End #1

The HIT series that redefines the Zombie genre returns! Years have passed since the events of The Waking took place.

Murder has become practically extinct in a world armed with the knowledge that those who are murdered will return from the dead to take the lives of those guilty…

But within a new world comes a new kind of killer. And he must be stopped! From the writer and creator of the Wonderland trilogy and Fly comes a return to the horror that never sleeps.

The first volume of The Waking was such a big hit, that a follow-up was inevitable.  With the dead coming back to avenge themselves, it’s pretty much made homicide detectives obsolete.  Which is exactly where Vanessa Pelagreno finds herself now, years after her initial involvement, only her problem is much bigger.  The overall concept of this series is something I personally have never seen before and most likely many others haven’t either, which makes it that much more interesting.  I mean, these zombies are literally leaving the criminals dead to rights.

Now like I said before, I really enjoyed the concept of the series, but for this particular issue I’d have to say that feeling that Raven gives the reader of; although the victims are taking care of themselves now, something still isn’t quite finished, is what I liked the most. It gives you a sense of wariness for Vanessa, knowing that she’ll never really be able to escape what she’s done and that this story probably just won’t end well for her.

This time around, however, the art seemed a bit off in some of the panels.  At times, some things looked a little cartoony which doesn’t really fit the mood of the story and takes you out of the overall experience.  Other than that, I have no real complaints.

Whether you’re a fan of zombies, thrills or the ever-talented Raven Gregory, The Waking: Dream’s End is a fantastic book to pick up.  Just make sure not throw this out, or it may come back for REVENGE!  For more info on this book and where to pick it up visit the Zenescope website or the Zenescope Facebook page.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.All thoughts, comments and opinions belong solely to the individual reviewer.

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