The Tithe #2

Another mega-church is robbed despite the FBI’s surveillance. Tension ratchets up as a member of Samaritan’s “heist” team is killed and the “Robin Hood” act isn’t quite as fun as they thought.

“God answers prayer with a ‘NO’ all the time, but people don’t want to hear it. People want validation when they should seek guidance.”

I was at one of those big church events once. It was a play of sorts, a celebration. Big set, lots of acting. Animals walking down the aisles. All I can remember anymore is a scene where a man was digging through his collection of old albums. I was really into classic rock at the time, so I thought to myself “God, if you’re real, that album will be a Queen album”. The album he pulled out was A Night At The Opera. He then began to sing Bohemian Rhapsody, and the crowd laughed.

Anyway, this was my reaction while reading this comic book:

In my previous review, I mentioned two megachurches in Phoenix. This comic takes place in Phoenix. Go get em! But please be careful, there’s a lot at stake here. I’m just relieved that not only do Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal see what’s going on in my own city, they’re exposing it.

Of course, check out Image comics on their website or their Facebook. Purchase it on Kindle at Amazon.

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