The Third Testament Volume 1: The Lion Awakes

The 14th Century. Shortly after the
discovery of an ancient relic in a secret, long-forgotten crypt, a remote
monastery is burnt to the ground, and all its inhabitants slaughtered.
Disgraced Inquisitor Conrad of Marburg is summoned from his exile and sent on a
world-spanning quest to discover the truth behind the massacre. But is he, the
Church and humanity ready for the shattering revelations his journey will
Alex Alice
Xavier Dorison
Alex Alice
Titan Comics
Its odd when you encounter something that’s
really well produced but just doesn’t grab you. I suppose some people would
even call that a problem, because how can you fully give justice to something
you can’t engage with. Those people are fucking idiots, but hey, you have to at
least acknowledge it.
A tale set during medieval times, it focuses
upon Conrad of Marburg, a discredited and reclusive Inquisitor, forced back
into his role when a long forgotten secret of the Catholic Church’s is
revealed. Naturally its something that could change the entirety of the
Christian faith itself, so Conrad is pursued by mysterious forces which wish to
stop him from discovering the truth.
Both artistically and stylistic, it owes a
lot to a European naturalism, focusing on a very detailed, realistic style.
The writing itself follows suit, being very dry prose a lot of the time. That’s
not a bad thing at all and its all produced to a very high standard, but it
does mean that unless you are specifically into its subject matter it’s hard to
really find an in.
This looks like it will be a multi volume
tale, so I hope that perhaps this is just the opening chapter and things will
pick up afterwards. It certainly has that feel, where things will continue to
build until a climax that will improve all the preceding work when read
together. I just know that for now, even though this should be up my street
(Medieval Europe! Conspiracies! Religion!) it doesn’t grip me.
Image courtesy of Titan Comics.
The Third Testament Volume 1 is available
from Titan Comics.

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