The Storyteller Witches 2

When an old woodcutter and his young apprentice are caught in a blizzard, a mysterious woman dressed in white appears and freezes the woodcutter to death before eating his soul. She spares the apprentice if he vows never to tell of what he has seen, but keeping his word may not be so easy when he falls in love.

Kyla Vanderklugt
Kyla Vanderklugt
BOOM! – Archaia
Once again, it seems that Boom! have managed
to knock it out of the park. The Storyteller Witches Issue 2 is a change of
setting and art style from Issue 1, this time being a story based on Japanese
mythology. Though the art isn’t quite as expressive as Issue 1 which made the
text and art seamlessly blend into one, its still a wonderful art style with
some absolutely crisp and beautiful artwork.
A truly spooky panel from Storyteller
Witches #2
When you combine this with the comic format and layout (which is
very different to most monthly comics) it combines to make something truly
special. It also has something that Issue 1 missed out on, which was having a
scene that reminded you of just why Fairytales, when presented in their
unsanitised ‘Disneyfied’ form, still terrify today. That scene also makes the
later developments of the issue feel more earned and the final resolution
Again, the only real complaint I could find
to argue is that its pretty easy to figure out how the story will resolve
itself and that perhaps as a stand alone issue it could stand to be a bit
longer. But when it comes with such gorgeous artwork, I’ll frankly take what I
can get.
 Images courtesy of BOOM! Studios
Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Witches #2
is available from
Comixology or your local comic retailer.

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