The Shadow #3 Review

The Shadow #3
The Shadow (2017) #3
Issue #3 of The Shadow is here, and the action is starting to pick up. When Mary attempts to track down the journalist she caught in lurking in her hospital, she finds herself in a bad neighborhood.  Inevitably she encounters a gang of racist thugs, dressed in the style of The Shadow.
The gang is scared off by a small group of bystanders, including the very person Mary was looking for. The group of “concerned citizens” dismiss Mary, leaving her with more questions than answers, and a scarf to take back to her burn patient.
After an important memory-flashback, Mary and her patient are interrupted by a group of men with guns who push her away and attempt to apprehend her patient. They are unsuccessful, as he escapes out a window and disappears. She chases him to a rooftop where she finds someone appearing to be The Shadow.
Si Spurrier and Dan Watters dropping a ton of important plot into this issue, but without really giving away any real details. It is a fine line to tread and they are doing it incredibly well. Daniel HDR’s art is still great, and I’m happy to see the plot get out of that hospital room because I continue to dislike the coloring in those specific scenes.
I gave Issue #2 a 3.5 out of 5, and I debated whether to give the same or if 4 would be more appropriate.  So I’m going to split the difference and give it 3.75 out of 5, knowing that as much as I hate a .75 it’s going to keep getting better and this was still mostly setup.
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