The Shadow #2 (2017)

When I wrote my review of The Shadow #1, I mentioned what a big fan I was of old time radio (OTR) shows in general, and The Shadow specifically. Dynamite’s newest series of The Shadow has so far only shown us the titular character in flashbacks and news reports. Issue #2 continues that, as we see The Shadow launch an assault on a mansion in upstate New York that ends in the entire building burning to the ground killing everyone inside.

The scene then perfectly transitions to a newscast covering the fallout of the fire, and then to the hospital room of an amnesiac burn patient and Mary, the medical student who has been working with him (off the record) to recover his memory. They turn off the television and work towards more memories, giving us an interesting scene from a 1929 speakeasy, and newborn baby.

The issue closes with Mary chasing off a reporter from her patient’s room, as they leave behind a newspaper that seems to link the speakeasy baby to the fire at the start of the issue.

Si Spurrier and Dan Watters are slowly building a beautifully rich story, and while that left Issue #1 not really going anywhere, Issue #2 does a great job building tension as well as building up the plot. Daniel HDR continues to put out some very good art that is well complimented by Natalia Marques’ coloring.  My only real art problem was the first scene in the darkened hospital room. Mary is a hispanic woman with blonde hair. This is fine, except for those few pages where I was trying to figure out who this new character was. Her skin tone was noticeably lighter, making her look completely different. Once I figured out who it was, I could tell what was being attempted, but it didn’t really work this time.

There was enough growth to jump up to a 3.5 out of 5, and I expect I’m going have to give even higher rankings as we get further into the still-building plot.

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