The Secret Life of Crows Feathers Into Flames

I won’t even try to conceal the fact that just getting to read a series created by my wonderful friend Nei Ruffino is a treat in of itself.  The act of being able to then go ahead and do a review of it is the cherry on top.  So, now that I’ve geeked out on the topic, how about we go ahead and move on to said review of The Secret Life of Crows Feathers Into Flames.

We tried not to spill too much in our review of book one, done up by good ol Ross, and I’ll try to follow suit here with book two.  For those who haven’t had the pleasure of checking out numero uno, its approach was that of a superbly creative look at a world most wouldn’t really think about, or care to for that matter.  This poignant story continues with the same depth and magical potency, delving further into the secret tale of the two beautiful creatures featured within.

It should be pretty obvious that with Nei completely taking the helm of all the art, that we would get a gorgeous job with the visuals.  Not only are the colors she’s so well known for fantastic, but the line work itself that she brings to life is so enjoyable to follow.  The writing is so powerful, and the art is just as strong.

This excellent project that Nei and Raven Gregory have brought to the table is without a doubt one that I’m fully invested in.  From the very first inkling of knowing it was coming, I was unbearably anxious for its arrival.  All personal bias aside though, this is a piece that anyone would be wise to grab right away and check out.

Both volumes of Secret Life of Crows are available at Elysium Treasures while supplies last.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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