The Raven’s Call (5th Edition)


I have a confession to make. When it comes to high fantasy based RPGs I have tended to lean towards Pathfinder. This is not a specific endorsement of the system, nor a condemnation of other systems, it’s just what the players I play with play. My point in this is that my experience with the 5th Edition of one of those larger systems is limited.

So it is with that grain of salt I picked up the The Raven’s Call from Kobold Press ( Raven’s Call was actually first released for the Pathfinder system in 2013, and has just been re-released in a 5th Edition version. It takes place in the Midgard campaign setting that is available for multiple systems.

The story is as old as time. Raiders of some sort or another come to a town, steal their goods, take over the town, and hold the villagers in fear. It’s been told in many ways, by many great storytellers, but rarely as it been adapted to a tabletop RPG. That’s what The Raven’s Call does, it takes the players on an adventure not for gold or prestige specifically, but to save a poor village from evil doers. It’s great premise, and it’s executed well in this module.

Wolfgang Bauer tells a wonderfully detailed story, that is a bit more sandbox than many RPG modules. Included in the tale are a number of side plots that a perceptive player could pick up on, and run with, without destroying the integrity of the story. These side plots are only loosely mentioned, so they will take a little bit of creative work for the Game Master to fully utilize but that is the nature of a good role playing game and the job of a good GM. The more detailed parts of the module are actually still a little vague for my taste (but I am not a great GM, so I like more detail than some), but they are wonderfully written, and certainly will keep the Players on their toes.

The prerelease print edition I received was not without it’s flaws however. The front page of the book says it designed for 4-5 1st level characters, but the inside says it is for 6 3rd level characters. As well, there are a handful of typos that managed to sneak their way into things. I’ve been told most of these have been, or will be corrected in future PDF versions, and eventually the print editions. All that being said, while minority distracting, none of these oops have any effect on gameplay, so who really cares. Ultimately this is a great module, that takes place in a wonderful setting. If you are looking for something with a few new challenges for advanced players, but still straight forward enough for newer players, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend checking out Midgard and The Raven’s Call.

You can purchase the Pathfinder Edition of The Raven’s Call here:

You can purchase the shiny new 5th Edition of the Raven’s Call here:


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