The Power of the Dark Crystal #6

Separated from Kensho, Thurma journeys out into the wilds of Thra to find her way home, alone and unaware of the wonders that stand before her and the dangers on her trail.

Can it be that we’re already at the halfway mark of this series? Granted, that’s nowhere as dramatic as saying that it’s the last issue, which lucky for us it is fortunately not. So while it leaves us now with only half the series left, this sixth issue of The Power of the Dark Crystal reminds us we have a great second part to look forward to.

Standing amidst her instinctive destruction by her impressive fire, Thurma wants to move on but is unable to cross the river before her. Out of nowhere on the creature summoned by the mystics, he swoops in and saves her. It was wonderful to see the pair reunited, because let’s face it, they are adorable together. They make their way to Kensho’s home, where they both learn some truths about themselves and each other, straining their trust. I’m guessing this will work itself out down the road, but it was hard to see them that way. Meanwhile back at the castle, a new threat due to the broken crystal is revealed which really made for a tense ending.

While it’s not something that is necessary for the art to be good, I do admittedly hope for more impressive pages of Thurma and her powers. That may not have been present here, but it did nothing at all to take away from the beautiful artwork that keeps on coming. It was a small thing, but one new thing I did enjoy about Thurma was her molten tears. No, I didn’t enjoy her crying, just how they were drawn. The facial expressions that are done even with a different character like her are always so strong.

Just like the original movie, this latest issue of the comic extension left me feeling like I just got off an emotion roller coaster. Even so, you just can’t help but want more out of it with each new thing that is added. I am a little afraid to see the results of what happened at the end, but that won’t stop me from wanting the next book, not should it stop you.

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