The Power of the Dark Crystal #4

While Jen and Kira deal with the chaos the Skeksis have wrought on the castle, Thurma and Kensho are out in the wilds of Thra on the run from the Crystal Guard, unaware that something far more treacherous followed their trail: the Chamberlain.

I’d say pretty much everyone has a movie, cartoon or something of the sort from their childhood that they still adore. Of the many for myself, Dark Crystal was one of those I’ll never stop loving. Now four issues in of the dozen for The Power of the Dark Crystal, my love for it only grows.

Alongside Thurma as she tries to find her way home with the shard, Kensho begins to question whether it’s wrong or not. After telling him an inspirational story from her people, he is reassured and soon must act as a decoy from their pursuers. Back in the castle, the Skeksis are captured (for now), Aughra tries to decipher the prophecy, and Jen decides to make one last journey to see the current state of his world.

No matter what format it’s in, seeing more of the world of the Crystal is appreciated. The artwork captures everything we know well and adds in so much more that’s new. The sheer beauty of all the scenes, especially with all of the luscious colors in every page is so wonderful.

We’re just a third of the way into this series and so much has already been shown to us. Will the Skeksis take back power while Jen is gone? Will Thurma and Kensho make the journey together? You’ll just have to keep picking these books up, not that I should have to tell you to.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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