The Null Faeries Volume 1

The Null Faeries Vol 1 Cover

The volume of the Null Faeries has arrived and it is a worthy read. Is just another fairy tale? Oh, I don’t think so.

Written by Chad Cicconi
Pencilled by Chad Cicconi
Colored by Eddy Swan
Lettered by Adam Wollet
Published by Action Labs

Synopsis: From Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint, a massive shipment of pixie dust is stolen from the Faerie Queen, she must summon a forgotten champion — wounded, aged, and mortal — back into service as her Inquisitor, to solve the Faerie crime of the century and save the Faerie world from ruin. This story will appeal to adult fans of fantasy or magical worlds like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. It will also appeal to folks who enjoy Sherlock Holmes, police procedurals, and especially re-tellings of timeless myths, re-interpreted with modern sensibility, like Wicked or Into the Woods.

Overall, I have to agree this is for a more mature reading audience with an interest in fantasy story telling. The yarn spun here is certainly above average as comics go.

The final reveal of Chad Cicconi’s villain is superb. This is the single best point to recommend in favor of Null Faeries Volume 1. Familiar races are presented appropriately while removing grim elements from view of younger readers. To the point, I am not spoiling anything.

Characters stay true to form from the first page to the last. My advice for Chad’s writing, pick a language intonation. I can’t tell if the characters are supposed to be Old English, French, German, or Russian. A German faerie shouldn’t intermingle germanic nein and Russian ya, for instance.

Holding it back are average art panels and really terrible page layouts. The story is a little loose and could stand to be tightened. The use of fae vs fey might be occasionally argued. If you notice fourth-wall breaking in-jokes like the SHAKA-KAHN lightning, you shouldn’t. The camp elements should have been removed by the editor because they really hurt a story like this.

On the artist, who is also Chad Cicconi, I like the original character sketches. I would have asked of him to decide if Inquistor is left or right handed in the first chapter and stick to it. Later I would have liked to know if the Faerie Queen is supposed to look like Kate Upton or Bette Midler. You get to see her as both.

However, Chad Cicconi is a man of many talents and uses them well in producing this book. I like the overall product and encourage it as a read and a buy.

I give this The Null Faeries 4 of 5 stars.

Look for it in your local comic shop or online.
Lonnie Webb


Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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