The Man Who Came Down the Attic Stairs

Created by Celine Loup

Written by Celine Loup

Art by Celine Loup

Cover by Celine Loup

Published by BOOM! – Archaia

The Man Who Came Down The Stair was created by acclaimed artist Celine Loup, as a way to deal with her own ticking biological clock and her incredible anxiety at the prospect of motherhood. I am obviously not a mother, but I can sympathize with her anxiety. There was a time when I very much wanted a child of my own, but my mental (and subsequently physical) health eventually made that prospect terrifying. It took several years to fully accept my decision not to father a child, and the emotional turmoil that lead to that decision.

At the same time I’ve watched more than one of my friends suffer from post-partum depression. Strong women who were, and still are, amazing mothers hurting and suffering in ways that I can never fully understand, but that I could recognize in ways many of our friends could not. Thankfully, these women were able to reach out and get the help and support they needed.

What Celine Loup has created is a raw yet complex tale that I could easily see on the silver screen by someone like M. Night Shyamalan. Inspired by the works of Merylin French, Ira Levin, and Shirley Jackson, we spend the majority of the book not being completely certain of what we are experiencing until the last few pages. Even then you may well be inspired to re-read it immediately to see if you missed something that was right in front of you the whole time.

While this story is completely fictional, postpartum depression (like other mental heath issues) is very real, and very serious. The authors note that concludes the book includes several American resources, but since reaches a worldwide audience, I will simply say that there are many organizations in your area that you can reach out to if you are hurting or suffering, reach out to them. Reach out to a loved one. Reach out to a friend. Despite what your brain may tell try to tell you, you are not a burden. I promise.

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