The Lost Fleet: Corsair #1

WRITER: Jack Campbell
ARTIST: Andre Siregar
INK: Bambang Irawan
COLOURS: Sebastian Cheng

Captain Michael Geary has spent his military life trying to live up to the reputation of his great-uncle, “Black Jack.” Held captive by the Syndicate since the end of the last great war, that reputation may be the only thing keeping him alive – or will it get him killed when a deal is made to break him free?

The story opens with Captain Geary recounting the last moments before the destruction of his battle cruiser, lying on a table in his cell. His thoughts are interrupted as Destina Aragon, an Executive Officer of the Syndicate enters and offers a proposal for his release. The old hatreds of war need to be set aside for the greater good as Aragon places her faith in Geary, hoping he can live up to his family hype.

The art team of Andre Siregar, Bambang Irawan and Sebastian Cheng do a fantastic job with the look of the ships, armours and characters. The close-up shots of the characters show their weathered details, imperfections and scarring, most times utilizing only small changes in color or a few well-placed ink lines. The backgrounds of the Syndicate vessel feels almost too clean, giving a feeling of classic Star Trek or The Next Generation minimalism, aside from minor scratching and propaganda posters.

As one who did not read the novels, the comic does a decent job establishing enough back story to pick up and run with. That said, I have no doubt a much richer appreciation for the factions of the story could be had by diving into the novels and reading the adventures of Black Jack.

Find this comic at Titan Comics, and the accompanying novels at

RATING (1-5): 4

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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