The Little Mermaid 2

Erica finds herself the subject of cruel experiments where she fights for her life. Meanwhile, her birth mother, Elizabeth, searches for Erica and finds unexpected help in the Sea Witch. Now Elizabeth must reunite with Erica’s father, the king of Atlantis, to save their daughter.

The first issue of Little Mermaid ended with a pretty cool twist. The mermaid herself, Erica, is kept hostage in a science lab and is being experimented on by evil scientists. Rather than explore this further, the second issue takes us back to Erica’s conception, as her father is obviously Atlantian. I won’t spoil her origins for her, but let’s just say that a certain “sea witch” allowed a merman to become human so he could have sex with a girl. But it came at a price!

There’s much more exposition in this than the first issue, which only serves to hurt the book. I mean seriously guys, just stop talking! You’re blocking the art! There’s so many dialog bubbles, each one containing either The Art of War or A Tale of Two Cities. I get that there’s a lot to set up here, but every character opens their mouth and says an entire paragraph every time. If this comic were adapted into a movie, all of the actors would quit because they wouldn’t be able to memorize this much dialog. I started a Twitter account that’s sole purpose was tweeting this comic’s dialog, and I hit 20k tweets before even finishing the first page.

At least Mendonca’s art continues to blow me out of the water (heh). If I were decorating my house and had a mermaid fetish, I would definitely buy some prints of his art for my walls. Except I don’t have a house, I live in my car under a bridge in Detroit.

Zenescope is an interesting name to me. It sounds like a sniper rifle that can shoot you and remove any sense of zen from across a great distance. I would say that this is an accurate description of their comics. Look at them on their site or on Facebook.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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