The Little Mermaid 1

Do you know the real story of the Little Mermaid?  When a young mermaid finds herself captured, her world will turn upside down and she will need to find the courage to confront her fears or perish at the hands of evil.

We’re far from Disney territory with this one.  Taking place after Myths & Legends vol. 2, The Little Mermaid follows the exploits of Erica, the title character.  As the story progresses we find out that Erica’s situation is more perilous than originally perceived and that when pushed, we see a much darker side to her.  Meanwhile, Samuel Fisher is on the hunt for Erica and an old nemesis makes her presence known.

A good start-up to a new series, although it left more questions than answers, which I guess you want in the first issue.  The only problem is that I felt like Meredith Finch jammed in too much information right off the bat and didn’t leave a lot of room for explanation.  Given that this is a five part mini-series, she could have taken the time to spread out the in story events to intrigue the reader more than confuse.  Plus I could have sworn there was a different origin for Zenescope’s Little Mermaid that took place in the earlier issue of Grimm Fairy Tales.  I’ve been out of the loop on those and Myths & Legends, so I’m not really sure how the character originated in this universe, but I suppose what we’re seeing in this first issue, as well as Myths & Legends, is to be the accepted version.  All-in-all I’d keep up with this series, aside from what I stated above, it’s a pretty good read.  The artwork by Miguel Mendonca helps bring the issue to life.  If you were a fan of his work in Warlord of Oz, then you’ll be treated to much of the same here.  A great take on an old favorite.

The Little Mermaid begins the solo tale of what could be Zenescope’s next break-out character.  Albeit not as badass as Robyn Hood, or Red Riding Hood at this point in time, Erica’s shown what kind of power she has lurking inside of her, just waiting for the right opportunity to be let loose.  With four more issues to go, one can only hope Erica’s situation can only get better from here.  So, don’t let this be the one that got away and go pick up the first installment in this new series from Zenescope.  For more info on where to find this issue, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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