The Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild 1

As each tribe makes a power play to become stronger in
the war between species, Mowglii stands at the center of it all – the one
person who may be able to bring them all together against a greater threat.
Well, let me start off by saying this is definitely not
the story I remember from when I was a kid. 
Not that I expected that, as Zenescope has always taken classics we know
so well and putting awesome twists on them. 
I came into this new (and final) volume of their Jungle Book adaptation
without any previous knowledge, so I’m at a bit of a loss.  Even so, I welcomed issue one for Fall of the
Wild with curiosity for this journey into the jungle.
For those like myself completely new to the series, a few
key points from this book.  Mowglii
is a girl in this version, is still great friends with Bagheera, and lovable
Baloo is a badass.  There appear to be
quite a few different factions, tribes, whatever you want to call them in this
world.  That world by the way amusingly
called Kipling as far as I can tell which is a fun nod to Rudyard.  The land is not too happy though, as seen by
the volcano at the very end.  Beyond that, I have no idea of where the plot has been and where it’s leading to now.
The artwork for this volume at least is no less than
beautiful.  I’d have to think that the
previous books follow suit, but either way this one stands high in
quality.  Both the line work and colors
are very solid throughout every page.  I
really like the character designs and how they still retain enough of what we’d
know from the Disney classic.
If you haven’t read any of the other books, you’ll
naturally be trying to figure out why certain things are happening.  If you have been current up til now, I’d have
to assume this is a good progression to finish the story.  This was interesting enough for me to want to
go back, and perhaps I will at some point. 
So, pick it up if you want to continue on, but consider the first two
volumes if you’re new.
For more on Fall of the Wild, The Jungle Book or other
Zenescope titles, check out Zenescope.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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