The Jungle Book 2016 Holiday Special #1

The island of Kipling is turned on its end when the first snow falls on the jungle habitat. What will this sudden shift in the weather mean to the fragile peace between the animal tribes? And what secret does Bagheera hold that may change the fate of the island forever? Mowglii is determined to find out the chilling truth as writer M.L. Miller and artist Carlos Granda reteam to bring a new chapter to the critically acclaimed series!

Of the numerous series that I’ve let fall through the cracks keeping up with, this is one I really wish I hadn’t. I’ve always liked when classic stories are retooled in a creative way and that was definitely done here. Winter has arrived here and in the jungle as we step back into it with The Jungle Book 2016 Holiday Special.

After all the conflicts on Kipling island, the unstable peace is about to be undone by the weather of all things. The first snow to hit the island is causing a panic for all the inhabitants, except for Bagheera who has apparently seen it before. He and Mowglii must make their way to the bear clan and try to stop chaos from completely erupting and chaos spreading further. When the situation finally calms, Mowglii learns the shocking truth of her friend’s past and how he even came to the island to begin with.

The artwork for this series does a great job capturing the classic characters in new life, especially major things like Mowglii being a girl. Even being deep the jungles of the isle of Kipling, it has a vibrant set of colors splashed upon very lively line work. This issue was especially fun seeing this world presented to us covered in snow, making for a neat holiday treat.

Although the fault is my own, the only “bad” thing I can say about this story is that if you aren’t at least somewhat familiar you’ll be lost. Even being a one shot special though, most folks may not grab it unless they know the core series anyways. Whether or not you try this out with any basis to go off of, it’s a pretty neat little winter book to check out.


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