The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

In this one we get our first real glimpse of the much whispered about District 13. The Capital has taken harsh measures against all the districts but 12 is now decimated. President Coin convinces Katniss to do a series of infomercials to try and drum up a full blown rebellion against President Snow (seriously, it’s like the writer found a coin in the snow and decided… “oh cool, these are going to be the names of the Presidents in my book.” Anyway, Katniss sucks at acting so she decides to go into the field and see what’s been going on herself. Overall this film not only carries the weight of the other 2 films but it brings us all to the start of the series inevitable “let’s fight” conclusion.

There is nothing I didn’t love about this thing but it does feel a bit like not much is happening till about the last 45 minutes or so. Jennifer Lawrence is once again better than superb in her role and I was pleasantly surprised by Natalie Dormer (CAPTAIN AMERICA : THE FIRST AVENGER) as Cressida and felt it was a wise casting choice to give her more screen time. I do however wish we could get at least one new film from Julianne Moore where her hair is just totally jacked and gray lookin. Overall after the first two films and a connection with the characters I felt this one did the best job at tugging at the heart strings. With a cool blend of action and drama and moderate layers of cinematic know how, this is a must see a soon as you can. Also like always remember – this is the movie based on the book. It is not the book. I haven’t read the book…so  you know….I couldn’t care less if they match. This one’s has a few surprises as well.

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