The Geeks Come Out At Night

it comes to throwing an excitingly educational, fun-filled, geeky
night, there are quite a few cities on the list. One of the most notable
is Tempe, AZ.  From the technologically-based companies, to the
innovative work done at the Arizona State University campus, it’s not
hard to figure out why Tempe would host one of the most geek-loving
parties just outside Tempe City Hall. Geeks Night Out (part of Geek Week
in Tempe) allows Artists (such as Big Chris Art, Alfred Trujillo, and Jeff Pina) cosplayers (AZ TARDIS, Arizona Ghostbusters), as well as clothing and merchandise (Geeksville, AZ, Evil Controllers)
to roll out along with science demonstrations, and geeky wooden cutouts
for photo opportunities: it was a dream for anyone who loved science,
technology, and art and longed to see them spun together in a glorious
If that weren’t enough, there was always live music from either One Kitty Gone or A Life of Science that
you could enjoy while grabbing a bite to eat at any number of local
restaurants.  Wandering through the myriad of experiences, my friend
(and photographer) Jenn grabbed some food at Bison Witches.
 From there, we took a no-agenda approach to admire as many
demonstrations and take as many pictures as possible (not to mention
maybe grabbing a print or a new board game to bring home).  The entire
evening, it was heartening to see all ages continuously gathered around
experiments and demonstrations discussing scientific theory, Newton’s
first law of motion, aerodynamics, slope & acceleration, and tons
Before calling it a night, I made sure to peruse Pop
Culture Paradise’s booth.  They happened to be running a 50% off
special on their board and card games during this event. Well, I had
been feeling a stronger and stronger urge to get my own copy of
Munchkin.  How could I pass this up?  One brief transaction later and I
was the proud owner of my first Munchkin set. It’s safe to assume this
will lead to many more in the future.  I may research getting a table to
set up for next year, but that all depends on my current
project-completion success rate. Thanks for reading! 

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