The Flash Season 1 Ep 21

In this week of the Eisner award winning television series [citation needed], Eobard Thawne lets Gorilla Grodd loose in the sewers, free to mind control the citizens of Central City for bananas and Empire State Buildings. Meanwhile, Professor Zoom himself has his ancestor in captivity as he does science and talks to himself. 

At one point in this episode of The Flash, Clancy Brown looked right at the camera and said “I am Grodd”. Mark this down in the history books: for the first time since Benjamin Franklin invented the projector, a network television series contains more raw hype and excitement than all of the comic book movies combined.

Considering a CG gorilla represents 90 percent of an average television budget, The Flash did an excellent job bringing the telepathic gorilla to life. He isn’t actually shown for most of the episode, but the payoff is more than worth it. Barry tries his old schtick of “punching my enemy at a supersonic speed”, and the resulting visual sequence is one of the most engaging fight scenes in live-action comic book history.

Iris continues to attempt to bring the show down around her with drama and bad acting, but luckily that hatchet was buried this week. The Flash is here to stay, and I fully expect Gorilla City by Season 3.

Clancy Brown is reunited with The Flash once again, and it feels so good. 

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