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The Few #1

Sean Lewis (story), Hayden Sherman (art)

Critically lauded writer and playwright SEAN LEWIS follows up the cult favorite SAINTS with his newest book THE FEW. Teaming with red-hot artist HAYDEN SHERMAN for a LIMITED MAXI-SERIES, THE FEW combines Mad Max action with a Station Eleven sensibility in this sci-fi series for mature readers. In a dystopian future, two survivalist brothers stumble across an unlikely sight: a woman asleep in the woods holding nothing but a gun and a baby wearing a gas mask. As these boys begin to embark on helping this woman, betrayals, secrets, and revolutions abound in the fi ght for what’s left of America.

In this book we meet Hale, an injured captain with a mission. She’s protecting a baby when we meet her, though the story behind that is not yet given to the reader. The story here is slow moving and a little convoluted. It hints of things that have happened and an overarching plot; I think that the writers know what they’re doing, but this book is a little too slow for my taste, with too little happening on too many pages. Hopefully the story will develop further in the next issue.

Hale meets a team that appear to be father and son, and they drop more hints about the wider plot. The book is set in a ruined United States, with some “remainder” states left. I’m confused about what the conflict actually is about. There’s some buzz words like revolution and soldier, and some bloody battles, but the stakes are never really made clear.

Still, the hints I saw made me curious and I’d be willing to stick it out to see what develops (but then, I like stories of post-apocalyptic revolution, which this seems to be).

The art in this is my favorite part of it. It’s sketchy and stylized, and some what minimal, but the use of color to tell the story is really well done. There’s a lot of violence and blood but it’s not at all realistic so it should be pretty easy to deal with even for those who don’t like violence much. There’s no gore, and no sexualization, which are pluses in my book.

3 out of 5 stars.

You can find more about this title, including how to order it, here.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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