The Evil Within 2+3

In the treacherously haunted house of a young girl’s
brain, every door hides gut-wrenching horrors and nerve-jangling chills, all
torn from the world of Bethesda Software’s new survival horror game, The Evil
Within! Dana, a young student, is desperately searching for her missing friend,
but the hunt leads her down a path where every street corner hides devastation,
dark secrets and deadly creatures spawned from the deepest depths of the most
demented minds!
With the opening issue setting the stage for a horrifying
comic adaptation of the game, I couldn’t wait to see more.  Granted, this means diving headfirst into
more frightening scenes that are bound to give heart palpitations.  Regardless, I was ready for more of The Evil
Within comics from Titan, and sat down prepared for another scare.  That is, right after I made sure to turn the
lights on.
Our first look at this prequel series introduced us to
two of our survivors in the nightmare world they find themselves in.  Issues 2 and 3 bring more unfortunate souls into
the mix, along with even more terrifying traps for them to get out of.  Along the way, the group also runs into more
of the terrible foes from the game that players will face.  The only thing I’m not too keen on is how
these enemies are introduced, almost forcing one new one into each issue.
All of the dark, dreary and even bloody illustrations
carry on in these next two books.  With
even more troubles surrounding them almost every step of the way, we need to
feel that in the visuals.  That is
definitely no problem here, pulling you into the awful situation these
strangers are stuck in.  The transition between
current events and some of the flashbacks is nicely done as well.
With the exception of the previously mentioned approach
to bringing in new bad guys, I’ve really enjoyed these books so far.  I’ve sadly not had the chance to play the
game, and this only makes my desire to do so even greater.  If you have played the game, this should be a
nice companion to it.  If not, then this
will serve as a good scare.  Both should
be good reasons to continue picking up this title.
For more on The Evil Within comic series on other Titan
books, check out Titan Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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