The Evil Within 1

Spun from the new survival horror game The Evil Within™
from Bethesda Softworks this all-new prequel invites readers to experience the
deranged world created by Shinji Mikami.  
Writer Ian Edginton (Scarlet Traces, Victorian Undead) and artist Alex
Sanchez (Katana) present the story of a young student, Dana, whose search for a
missing friend leads straight into a world fraught with tension and
unimaginable horrors.
Resident Evil is hands down one of my all time favorite
game series of all time, if not my favorite. 
Personally, I think the survival horror genre has been a little lacking
in recent years.  So when I heard about
The Evil Within from the “father of survival horror”, Shinji Mikami, I was
unbelievably excited.  That excitement of
course made this first issue of the prequel comic series a welcome read.
This prequel comic does look like it has derived some
content from the game itself and has certainly borrowed the overall feel from
it.  Anyone who knows a true survival
horror game knows that absolute dread and primal fear you experience.  This first issue about Dana and her stranger companion has definitely worked in that atmosphere.  Caught in a nightmarish insane asylum full of
traps and a foe that reminds me of Pyramid Head, these two unfortunate souls have
already had their work cut out for them
The artwork within this book has thus far set the tone
wonderfully for this kind of story. 
Between the horrifying enemies that they’ve already had chasing them, to
the frightening environment, it is all the right kinds of creepy.  Both illustration and colors come together in
a perfect combination of bloody, dark and terrifying which is exactly what the
book needs.
Whether or not you’re a fan of survival horror video
games or just horror in general, you’ll be in for a spooky treat with this
first issue.  The time of the year both
this companion and the game are coming out is obviously appropriately placed as
well.  I would highly suggest grabbing
this first issue and sitting down for a good, scary read.  That is of course, if you’re not already too ruined
from the game.
For more on The Evil Within comic series or other Titan books, check out Titan Comics.
The Evil Within comic
will be available 10/15

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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