The Eterna Files

It’s sixteen years after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the United States and England are in an arms race, but it has nothing to do with bombs or guns.  This race is for the secret of immortality.  Each country has teams of scientists, theorists and spiritualists working feverishly to decode the ultimate secret: how to cheat death itself.  Both teams have suffered the loss of their key scientists at virtually the same time.  Is this intercontinental espionage or something more nefarious at work?

The Americans are headed up by the feisty medium Clara Templeton who faces the loss of her lover among the other various quandaries.  She must navigate the pitfalls of politics along with the apparent loss of her fiance, Louis Dupris, the man that could have held the key to solving the mysterious Eterna equation.

Across the ocean, Harold Spire, an accomplished policeman is suddenly thrust into the esoteric world of spiritualism despite his complete disregard of this new “science”.   Not only must he fight with who or whatever killed the british team, but his own disbelief of the project.  Can he come to grips with the eclectic nature of his team to lead them to success?  If that’s not enough to handle, it soon becomes apparent that a third more sinister force has taken an interest in their research.

Leanna Renee Hieber sweeps the reader into a colorful, imaginative world of intrigue and adventure in the late 1800’s.  I can’t say how deeply impressed I am the way this author can immerse the reader in the culture and fashion of the time period.  Her clever use of costume and setting keeps the tone of the century and never lets up.  Each team has a cast of iconic characters that are both distinctive and intriguing.

Hieber also strikes a perfect balance between the two teams leaving it completely up to the reader to pick their favorite to win the race.  One moment I was cheering for Clara, the next Harold.  I also loved the way she kept the cultural nuances between the Americans and English so that it was easy to distinguish between the teams.

I did find this to be a slow read due to the atmospheric nature of the writing but I can’t say that lessened my enjoyment of the story.  It made for a great page turner.  If I had one complaint it would be the pacing remained fairly even throughout the book.  I felt like there should have been a greater sense of urgency as I got to the end but the flow remained consistent right up until the last page.   Despite this I still found the book to be thoroughly enjoyable.  I couldn’t recommend it any more highly.

For all the latest news on the author, check out her website: Leanna Renee Hieber Official Site.

Eterna Files is available through most major retailers including Amazon.

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