The Equation 1

How can a crippled god, a mad scientist, and a boy who can
manipulate numbers end the world as we know it? The answers are in The
Equation, Enemy Transmission’s second runaway hit series! The first issue sold
out in the blink of an eye – as the second printing is on its way, don’t miss
out on the next chapter of this ground-breaking four issue limited-series!
You have to love a comic that can intrigue you just from the
cover.  It says a lot just in the fact
that it’s been so popular that it went on to a second printing.  Then you throw in a combination of characters
ranging from a god, to a mad scientist, to “the first man”.  I have to say with that as an introduction,
The Equation had my attention from the start, and kept it right to the end.
So how does this all come together in the first issue?  Not much is known about this supposed “first
man” other than the fact he apparently can’t die.  The god is actually one not in the graces of
his brethren and somewhat crippled from his fall to earth.  He’s after the “victim” front the book cover,
who turns out to be a boy with a mysterious power using numbers.  Unfortunately, our resident mad scientist is
also after this young man, and a hectic clash ensues.
The artwork within this fun book is fully b&w and done
very clean.  There were a number of pages
that could have looked amazing with color, especially with all the fire towards
the end.  Even so, the grayscale shading
still did a great job of making these areas pop.
Just within the first issue, we’ve already seen a whole
bunch of characters and all kinds of action. 
I’m very interested in knowing just what this boy can do and why
everyone wants him dead.  If this being a
second printing isn’t enough to sell you, I’ll gladly confirm that it justified
another run.

For more information on The Equation, check out Enemy Transmission.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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