The Dolridge Sacrament 1+2

Something awaits inside the ball room of The Dolridge House
and it’s becoming impatient. A traveler has come to tip the fragile balance
Father Dolridge has tried so hard to maintain and The Witness is tired of
waiting for his debt to be paid. But someone else is stalking Father Dolridge
from the shadows and it may be something closer and far more insidious than any
I haven’t come across a whole lot of horror comics as of
late, and that void has been filled nicely with my newest read.  Throughout these first two issues of The
Dolridge Sacrament, it was like falling further and further into the depths of
this horrific creation.  And I have to
say, getting lost in this madness was quite a hell of a ride.
We find our story set in a bed and breakfast, host to an
assortment of “guests” so to speak.  It
seems these unfortunate souls aren’t all that interested in staying, yet it
doesn’t appear they have much of a choice. 
Admittedly, the exact direction the story is going in is lost on me, but
that is actually part of the appeal oddly enough.  There’s obviously an evil power working from
within this quaint house in the woods, but what isn’t so obvious is who – or
what – that power is
This sort of tale requires a certain unnerving appearance to
the artwork, and it’s been pulled off well. 
I’ve always said that black and white is a great approach for horror,
and it was used very effectively here. 
Although there’s not a whole lot of gruesome happening (yet?), there are
some really good panels that still make you squirm.
I know this title is only planned to be a miniseries, but I’m
definitely curious to see what more is to come in the remaining issues.  If you’re looking for a good horror that has
you feeling uneasy, this is the place to go. 
I’ll be eagerly awaiting the terror to continue in issue 3, so come and
join in on the insanity deep in the woods of Maine.
For more information on The Dolridge Sacrament, check out Alterna Comics.

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