The Daughters of Merlin #1

Camelot has fallen to the dragons and all is lost. Merlin has no choice, but to escape with his charges. They are the last hope to salvage anything that remains of the once mighty kingdom. They are the daughters of Merlin. Number 1 of a four issue mini-series kicking off the Destiny of the Dragon series of books from Jester Press. 24 pages, full color.

The Fall of Camelot was just the beginning…

The Good
It’s hard to go wrong with a story involving Merlin.  I definitely enjoyed the first issue of Daughters of Merlin and its new approach to the land of Camelot.  It gave us a good amount of action and of course, plenty of magic which is always fun to see.  I particularly enjoyed the scenes where he displayed the immense magical powers that he possessed while fighting off foes.

The Bad
As a whole, this just being the first issue, it  was done well, so I don’t feel there was anything of mention that wasn’t up to par.

The Summary
I liked this creative twist to the myriad of Merlin tales we’ve seen.  It gives us enough to relate to classic tellings while still being able to enjoy the variation in this book.  I’m confident it has potential to tell a really cool story in issues that follow. This is probably a sure win for all the fantasy fans out there.

For more information on Troy Hasbrouck and his work, check out Jester Press

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book in exchange for this review. No magical spells were cast upon Brian as he read it. All thoughts, comments and opinions are totally his.

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