The Class

A digital comic. The story is about high school students learning to deal with growing up while being confronted with the ability to use powers and fight a growing evil.

Written by Jaysen Headley and Illustrated by Jessi Jorndan.

The Good:
I will start by saying that I really enjoyed reading this digital comic. The first thing I noticed was how well the dialogue is written. Jaysen does a good job of creating 5 socially different characters. Each with his/her own particular super power. I think that between the 5 main characters, it is written, so that you will be able to connect with at least one of them. I think the writer did a great job in creating somewhat new powers. How they work and how these students deal them is a new take that I have not seen before. As for the artwork within this comic. I think it is good. The people are well drawn. I think the illustrations match the dialogue really well. I haven’t felt the need to go back and look at something or reread a conversation just for clarity sake. I think that is saying a lot to how well Jaysen and Jessi work together.

The Bad:
Please note that because this comic is good in my opinion that my complaints will be somewhat specific maybe even nit picky.The first thing I noticed were the buildings. At least the tall ones. In the first page I was somewhat worried but as the pages continued you see that it’s really just sky scrapers that give the artist a bit of trouble. Luckily, there are not many in this book. People walking towards the panel or away from it never really seem to look right. It appears as though the person walking away is about to walk through a portal of some kind. The legs stretch out and bend in a way that just doesn’t fit with the flow of the art. The walking away or towards the panel does not happen often so it does not take away from the story at all. Since I started reading this book, I have found myself questioning one important thing. How did these kids come to be in the same school? I am hoping that this will be explained
at some point. Otherwise, writing is top notch all things considered.

I give this digital comic a thumbs up.  Within the first few pages I was hooked. The interactions and relationships within this story feel real. The humor hits every time and the drama works without feeling too over the top. I really liked that, over the course of this comic you have these  flashback scenes of each of the 5 main characters individually when they were younger. It really helps you understand how they came to be. There have not been many action scenes thus far but what few moments of action you do get are dark, gruesome and over all well done.

Some of the stuff that happens within this comic pushes the envelope and is just brilliant. I strongly recommend checking out the Digital Comic The Class at

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