The Blacklist 1

When the FBI is framed for the public killing of a political activist at an open-air rally, Reddington recognizes the hallmarks of a dangerous, media-manipulating Blacklister, known as Leon Kiklinski, aka The Lobbyist. So begins the latest case for the FBI’s covert counter-intelligence unit codenamed – The Post Office.

So it’s a comic book based upon a television show, albeit it a very good television show. I would have to say this is never a good idea, especially for a political thriller that lacks big explosions or colorful alien technology. The creative team did the best job possible in bringing a show like The Blacklist to life in a comic format. The characters are, for the most part recognizable as the actors who play them, and the writing is very much in keeping with the the show. Even still this just falls a little flat, as comic books lack the ability to make long conversations or politically based contemporary stories that interesting.

If any one thing about the comic stands out, it would be the dialogue. The writer did a fine job of replicating Reddington’s mannerisms and speech patterns which is no easy feat given the quirkiness of his character in the series. The story is also good, well paced and even features a cute sub plot where keen get’s de-certified for not going out with an examiner. It’s a fun, fast paced book if you are a Blacklist fan. If you are not, then you are not going to find much of interest in this series.

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