The Black Sable #1


September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day so, to celebrate, I will write this entire article in pirate talk.


No, I won’t do that. That’s just a pain in the butt for you, the reader, and me, the pirate. I will, however, give you a review on the first issue of Zenescope’s new six part mini-series about space pirates, The Black Sable.

Here’s the pitch: one hundred years in the future “the age of pirates” has returned as mankind reaches the stars. Issue #1 starts right in on the action with a pirate raid on a lone Corporation freighter. After quickly overpowering the freighter’s crew, the captain draws an immediate line in the moral sand, as she (yes, the pirate captain is a woman) finds out the cargo is a shipment of slaves, whom she orders sent back to their homeworld.


After several more introductory scenes and plot setup, Black Sable’s crew land on the independant planet of Oasis and, while her crew blows of steam, Sable tracks down her old pirate foe, Blake. After negotiating a potential business opportunity, Blake and Sable also “blow off some steam.”


This series looks to have a lot of plot crammed into only six issues, but writer (and Zenescope bigwig) Joe Brusha does a great job of introducing the important characters, setting up the future plot points, and weaving in subtle exposition, all while keeping the story interesting. Sergio Ariño’s art is on par with what Zenescope readers have come to expect: that is, it’s a great blend of simple but stylish, a little sexy, and full of character in its own right.


Ordinarily I’d give something with as many elements and jumping around as this issue something closer to a 3 or 3.5, but Brusha managed to do it so well that I can’t give less than 4 out of 5.


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Here’s a little bonus for International Talk Like A Pirate Day from CAPTAIN TRACTOR

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