The Black Hood: Season 2 #5

This is the end for the Black Hood. That’s what “The story so far…” proclaims, at least. Last issue, Greg Hettinger, the current Black Hood, discovered that the original Black Hood, Kip Burland, is still alive and still hunting the assassin known as The Nobody.

As The Nobody leaves an explosive trail throughout Philadelphia, the two Hoods are forced to work together find and stop him for good. While they do manage to kill The Nobody and save his hostage, they aren’t able to do so before he activates a final explosive, engulfing them all in a ball of flame and rubble.

“The Nobody Murders” concludes as it began, with Duane Swierczynski’s beautifully dark writing and Greg Scott’s equally dark and gritty art work combining to tell a rare noir tale that has been a joy to read. I hope that there will be a “Season 3” coming soon, as there were several setups to possible future storylines, such as the revelation that Burland had at least one (or likely more than one) secret lair.

The final installment of this series gets a well deserved 4 out of 5, and a poke to hurry up and get Season 3 rolling. Until then, I’ll just have to satisfy myself with the recently released “Black Hood: The Bullet’s Kiss,” which is being advertised as a graphic novel but is really a collection of The Black Hood (Season 1) #1-6. It will be nice to go back and see the beginnings of the character in more than just a few flashback sequences. With a number of other Dark Circle titles being collected for release starting in the late fall, it seems like a reasonable assumption that, if Season 3 is going to happen, October is good guess as to when.

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