The Black Hood: Season 2 #3

Welcome back to The Black Hood: Season 2. Issue #3 picks up with Greg Hettinger heading cross country, retracing the path that took him to California. The mysterious assassin called The Nobody has been taking the same path, murdering people at every location that Hettinger stopped to interrupt a crime.

Finally, the two meet in Missouri in the home of a family that The Black Hood saved several months before. Although Hettinger is able to save the family again, The Nobody escapes and moves on to burn down a gas station in Indiana before heading back to Philadelphia, where the The Black Hood started his crusade and where Hettinger is wanted for multiple murders. It doesn’t take long for sightings of the Black Hood to reach social media, and not much longer before he is found by someone unexpected.

There wasn’t a lot going on in this particular issue, but writer Duane Swierczynski did a great job moving the story forward and setting up the next issue. The art and colours, by Greg Scott and Kelly Fitzpatrick, are still great and set a wonderful tone. My favorite point was the panel of a social media post. It was an artistic rendering of Dark Circle Comics Editor Alex Segura’s actual twitter page, retweeting Swierczynski saying #TheBlackHood is back. I appreciate these little details.

Even with this being a slower issue, that panel alone keeps this issue from dropping down from 4 out of 5 for me.

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