The Big Con Job 3

The crew is picked, and now the con is on. Just when the team thinks nothing can go wrong, reality sets in and tosses a monkey wrench their way!

Not every crew that makes up a heist team is going to be you’re stereotypical lineup.  Then again, it’s not exactly a common theme for the team to be robbing San Diego Comic Con.  Typical or not, the third issue of The Big Con Job is just as thrilling of a story.  I mean really, they’re targeting SDCC.

With the crew now deciding to go through with this grand scheme, all of the details of just how it’s going down are laid out.  Day one of the convention begins, and with the task not happening until Sunday, things are already getting shaky.  Nerves are kicking in, and one member already gets cold feet.  A heist specialist arrives to complete the roster, but with her reputation preceding her, the heat is already on.

The artwork for this series was already pretty solid right from the start.  One of the things I liked most was seeing conventions illustrated throughout the books.  Now that the convention has started, more of the cosplays and visuals of the con as a whole are popping up.  As I’ve never been to SDCC, and likely won’t ever, it was really cool to see what it might just be like.

Before the plan is even going into effect, it’s already getting tense and the difficulty is only increasing.  I’m really getting more involved with the story as the momentum is picking up.  The next issue is bound to get really exciting and you should join in on this as soon as possible.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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