The Big Con Job 1

After working the same convention circuit for many years, a group of flabby action heroes, aging sex symbols, and sci-fi bit players have become close friends as they watch their lines get shorter and their autographs get cheaper. That is, until they hire a cocky new booking agent who offers them their only chance at a comfortable retirement by robbing one of the largest cons in the country!

As big as stars can be in their prime, it is an unfortunate fact that not every one can ride that fame forever.  Granted, they will likely always have their hardcore fans, but just a handful of them can’t pay the bills.  Desperation can get you do to some pretty crazy things, and that’s what we’re seeing in the first issue of The Big Con Job.

Anyone that has been to enough cons knows how varied lines for stars can be depending on their level of popularity.  As a group of aging actor friends are starting to feel the despair of dwindling fans and funds, they are all starting to wonder what to do next.  One of them takes an extreme measure, and in the aftermath, the rest of them come across a wild opportunity to set them on a path of wealth.  Or something worse.

The artwork throughout this starting issue is a good sign of what that component will add to the title.  Clean, strong illustrations combined with great colors made it just as fun to view as it was to read.  I personally thought it was a fun aspect to see how they drew the main characters in comparison to their younger selves.

This is a really great story that’s been built so far.  If you’ve seen Galaxy Quest, take that and add in some heist for added flavor, you have this book.  The title almost gives it away if you think about it, but once you jump it that almost doesn’t matter.  I’d really like to see where this goes and would suggest picking it up to do the same.

For more on The Big Con Job or other Boom titles, check out Boom! Studios.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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