The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The movie jumps straight into the action, opening with a full-blown assault on Baron Strucker’s Hydra stronghold to recapture Loki’s Sceptre. That money shot from the trailer, with the Can-Can Line of Avengers leaping through the snow? That’s about five minutes into the film, and the pace is pretty much set from there.

Another scene we saw a while ago was the party scene where everyone tries to pick up Mjolnir. What seemed like a bit of light fun before Ultron revealed himself was actually more important than expected in the grand scheme of things. The one problem with this scene; where are the girls? Pepper Pots and Jane Foster are both conspicuously absent, with some fairly weak excuses from Tony and Thor. Oh well. You can’t have everyone I suppose.

The relationship between Widow and Hulk has developed to an interesting level. Natasha is responsible for giving The Hulk his “lullaby”, but could there be more than that, or as Bruce says, does she just like to flirt?

Speaking of Black Widow, we get to learn more about her and the Red Room, which adds a touch of tragic depth to her. Hawkeye is also epically good at keeping secrets. Let’s just say that farm The Avengers end up at is hiding a BIG secret.

We start to see the cracks between Captain America and Iron Man, as Tony forges ahead with doing what he thinks is necessary to bring about a safe and secure world. Cap, it seems, would rather they do things the old fashioned way. I’m not sure how this will feed in to Civil War, and they seemed rather amicable at the close of the film.

Both Widow’s backstory and the impetus for the tension between Cap and Tony come from Scarlet Witch’s mind powers. Thor also succumbs, but his vision is more revelatory, and is clearly our link to the Infinity War story.

The other vision I should talk about is the android one. Vision is spectacularly realised and he just looks so cool. His origin is not what some early leaked biography text implied, and is closer to his classic origin. That said, the way he was made has me fearing for his safety come the Infinity War.

Now there were a couple of rumours about this movie that is like to address. First up, that someone will die. This is true. It’s not who I was expecting, but it was beautifully heroic. Second, that there was no post-credit scene. This is also true. Of course there is a mid-credit scene, so make sure you stay for that. And what a scene! It was no longer than 15 seconds and contained only five words of dialogue, but man! Never have five words been so loaded with promise since “Star Wars prequel trilogy announced”. I’m sure this’ll end better though.

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