The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy HC

Join Dark Horse Books and Naughty Dog on a breathtaking, comprehensive exploration into the Uncharted saga! This epic volume offers a detailed look at the art of one of the most exciting game series of this generation, with insightful commentary from the games’ creators! Own a piece of Uncharted history!

There have been some really impressive games coming out in recent years that still continue to sit at the top.  As seen in a previous review for content from Naughty Dog, one such example is the hit title Uncharted.  With another, potentially final game coming out next year, what better time to release The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy.

Split into three main sections for each game, the book then subdivides further into smaller subsections.  Each game section starts off with the key piece of character development, which over the course of the games is interesting to see the changes characters go through.  With such expansive areas to explore, the bulk then moves onto all of the various environments our adventurers travel through.  Closing up each main section, we see two offering readers the chance to see unused content, and one with a fun look into Drake’s journal.

The art book of a game like Uncharted is undoubtedly going to give you such a breathtaking look into how it comes together.  With all of the concept art, finished art, and even art for things that never even came to be, it’s a really neat stroll through the years the game has been around.  Having played two of the three out so far, it was like being sucked into the world all over again and with even more to see.

With three games to cover, there is no shortage of fantastic content to fill this book.  I was hesitant to read the last section because of spoilers, but it was great to see regardless.  Fans of this amazing game series should definitely check this gorgeous book out.  Those that have never traveled with Drake will get a nice peek into his world and may just get you to play.

For more on The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy or other Dark Horse books, check out Dark Horse Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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