The Art of The Evil Within

The Art of The Evil Within is a comprehensive look at the twisted new survival horror game by the legendary Shinji Mikami—creator of Resident Evil!  Go behind the scenes and witness never-before-seen concept art as this unique art book takes you on a terrifying ride showcasing what went into making this horrific thriller—can you survive your greatest fears and make it out alive?

When I first saw the cover of this book, I was filled
with a combination of intense excitement and a good amount of fear.  The former of course because I’d get a sneak
peak at stuff from the game before it even comes out and the latter simply
because of what the book is.  A small
part of me wanted to wait for the game, but the part of me that wanted to see
stuff immediately won out.  The Art of
The Evil Within is easily one of the books I was most anxious to open up and it
was everything I thought it would be.

The sheer amount of fantastic content within this art
book is outstanding.  Chapter one of
course leads with the heroes of the game, although in this case that means more
the main characters as opposed to just the “good” guys.  What’s really nice is we see various stages
in their designs, everything from early versions to their final ones, and even
different outfits that were considered.
Ah, chapter two – VILLAINS.  The many horrifying, hideous, downright evil
forces you face off against get a large place in the book, as they should.  There are so many nasty things that will be
going after you in the dark, and I’m already terrified to see them.  They are gruesome, disgusting, bloody, and pretty
much exactly what they need to be.  Having
seen what the team came up with, I am twice as hopeful for the game.  And twice as afraid.  At least twice.
Chapter three shows us the dreadful environments, which are about only thing that would be a contender for importance over the villains.  I have to be honest that each and every page
in this section had me on edge.  It gives
a pretty thorough tour of the dark and scary places I’d have to navigate through,
and they’re frighteningly wonderful.  Just
that small view into the world already let me feel the impending doom the game
will likely provide.
One of the final chapters which I thought was really cool
actually highlights props, logos and other things from the game.  I enjoy little tidbits like this, especially
as a cosplayer, as official reference can sometimes be difficult to find.  Rounding out the book is a collection of the
various pieces of marketing that have come out since announcement.
With the game only days away from release, this was the perfect
book to hold me over until then.  This is
a great buy for anyone familiar with the game, survival horror, or games in
general.  For anyone that doesn’t fall
into those groups, it’s a superb art book to read, especially if you love the
horror genre.  Either way, this is a spectacular
book that everyone should take the time to read.
For more information on The Art of The Evil Within or
other Dark Horse books, check out Dark
Horse Comics
The Art of The Evil
Within will be available 10/14, same day as the game!

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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