The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition HC

The next generation of fantasy is here! Go behind the scenes of Dragon Age: Inquisition,the most ambitious game ever created by legendary developer BioWare!

Featuring hundreds of never-before-seen art pieces and commentary from the developers themselves, this volume offers revealing insight into the inspiration and creation of every facet of Dragon Age: Inquisition, from the heroes to the wondrous weapons they wield, the powerful beasts they battle, and the extraordinary world they inhabit.

Of all the genres within the video gaming realm, RPGs are undoubtedly my favorite.  Building a character specifically tailored towards your own style of gameplay just makes it all the better.  There have been a number of quality titles to come out of that field, and Dragon Age is one of the bigger ones as far as I’m concerned. Needless to say with the new one on the horizon, being able to read The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition had me almost as anxious as playing the game.

Rather than splitting this one up in to chapters focusing specifically on certain aspects of the game, this art book approaches it as a collective whole.  Even in this format, it still gives the reader a look at anything from character backgrounds to area designs and everything in between.   Although there’s no definitive break up covering certain components of the game, it seamlessly touches it all throughout the book.

If this art book is any indication, the latest in this fantastic series has really taken the visuals to another level.  The huge amount of work that is shown for character designs, level creation and even a peak at storyboards is so impressive.  You cannot help but get completely lost in all the artwork inside, and is especially nice seeing art never shown before.

Whether or not you know the games, you will find yourself fully transported to the world by the end of the book.  Fans of the series, fantasy enthusiasts and art lovers alike will get a real treat with this book.  Unless you don’t want spoilers if you’re not sure about buying the new game, I would definitely say this is one to grab.

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The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available 11/18, same day as the game!

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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