The Angels Take Manhattan – My Own Perspective

September 7th, 2011 was the very 1st time I met the Doctor- thank you Netflix for keeping such good records. A dark time in my life: my wife had left me, I was jobless, money almost out, and friends were leaving me faster than I could realize. Worst that my life had ever been. The only thing that kept me going was the desire to not allow my kids to suffer. I really had nothing going on for me. Then I met the Doctor.

It was a salvation by any means but it was the 1st thing that actually made me laugh a real laugh and to want to sit and think about it. Up until I caught up in the current series, which took an entire month, it was just a good show with no emotional attachment to any companions or even Doctors. I didn’t cry when anyone left- even Martha who may still be my favorite. But then I started to have to wait a week to see the next episode.

That created the attachment. Wondering what would happen next.  And besides, for those that know me- I’ve always had a thing for 2 types of people: British women and redheads. So, Amy Pond, just wow. And Rory, of all the characters in the new series, I identified with him the most. I think I’ve always felt like a Rory.

Even with the knowledge that The Angels Take Manhattan would be their last episode, it never dawned on me that I would get emotional.

Then it happened. 23 minutes in, I shed my 1st tear. But I wiped it away and went back to being freaked out by the Angels.  The episode continued like a break up and I knew it. I could sense it. However, like with any unwanted break up, I chose to avoid the signs. There was the feeling of dread, which brought more tears. Then there was the feeling of hope, which brought a smile. I should’ve known it wouldn’t last and finally, the inevitable reality you knew all along.

It is the reality that sucks the most. Love conquering all is a great sentiment. But, when that love doesn’t involve you, it is pure pain. So as the episode came to an end and for the 1st time the plea of “Come along, Pond” wasn’t answered, I knew exactly what the Doctor was feeling. The knowing that life has chosen to go without you despite your own will, I know that expression very well.

This episode was just as described-heartbreaking, but know I will watch it many more times because it was also that beautiful.

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