The Amazing Spiderman 2 – Review

It’s been too long since I have written a movie review, so I will cut right to the chase. Saw this one with an awesome group of people which is always step 1 if you want to have a great time at the theater. If you can’t no worries… because this thing is pretty freakin good and I am going to go into some detail as to why.

First off we are NOT over burdened with the storyline trying to make you care about 15 different villains at once. The depth in this film is so finely tuned and so complete that I actually found myself tearing up about Gwen and Peter and what it would be like to face the odds they were up against. You can not watch this movie through cynical adult eyes where nothing ever works out. You will want to sit back and take yourself to a time when you were in and out of relationships and wore spandex suits and flew all over the city saving the day. In all seriousness this thing is very character driven and has just layers and layers of depth. I actually feel myself cheering for Andrew Garfield now and converting in my head to the series new visions. Dane DeHaan is almost hauntingly good in this as Harry Osborn and Sally Field delivers a holy cow performance that has you both laughing and feeling tugs at the heart strings. On top of all this the character I thought I would MOST dislike in the film turns out to be just flat out EPIC. I no longer want the old Electro but I have high hopes of seeing this one again Jamice Foxx came out swinging and I loved that. Emma Stone is even more dynamic than usual as Gwen has some gut wrenching moments herself. Oh I should mention the soundtrack alone is probably the best ever for a superhero movie. Not joking…(see every fight scene).

We also get some gap filling scenes from the first movie and reason as to why certain things were happening including a lot more groundwork on Peter’s father’s work which is a central plot point for this series. This film does have some weak points which I hope will get sorted. 1) The Rhino design was troublesome for me to begin with and after seeing the film and Paul Giamiatti scenes as him…no…no. 2) Oh, did I say weak points? What I meant was weak “point” as in singular.

Don’t expect a science lesson here, we are talking about a dude made of electricity and a web-slinging hero who seems to have gotten a lot stronger since the 1st installment. My advice, sit back and enjoy the ride, this in my opinion is the best SPIDERMAN yet. Yes I just typed that out loud.

I give this movie a 6 out of 7. Rating Definition – A SPECTACULAR MARVEL OF AWESOMENESS THAT MAKES CUTE CAT VIDEOS LOOK LIKE THE HUGEST WASTE OF YOUR TIME IN HISTORY. This is the movie that you will try and walk by at the store and not be able to. You will buy it forgetting you already have it. Then one day a friend will come to your house. They will tell you how much they love this movie and you won’t even tell them you have 2 in your collection. Because you can’t give it up. You have to have 2.

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