The Adventures of Aero-Girl 1

As Aero-Girl, Jacqueline Mackenzie is the protector of Foxbay. As the sidekick to Battle Jack, her father, her life couldn’t be any better; but tragedy is just around the corner! Will she be ready to defend her city against the evil of Dr. Chimera and his army of AniMen? Can Aero-Girl be the hero she (and her father) always dreamed of being?

Sometimes, superheroes work alone fighting the good fight.  Other times, they combine forces and create teams of tremendous power.  We can’t forget the popular duo with hero and sidekick though, which can be just as effective.  Breaking into the first issue of The Adventures of Aero-Girl, we see her pair up with Battle Jack, who also happens to be her father!

The opening scene jumps right into the action Aero-Girl and Battle Jack taking care of a circus themed group of villains, finishing just in time before the meatloaf got cold.  Back at home, Battle Jack’s wife expresses her concern for the safety of both superheroes, as even Jack is not invincible with the “battle spirit” that is passed from hero to hero.  These concerns are justified as we find out in the closing scene, where Aero-Girl’s life changes dramatically.

The artistic style that’s used in this book is really fun, almost reminding me of what you’d see in a Pixar hero movie.  So naturally, I really loved it and thought it made for an even more enjoyable read.  On top of the great illustrations, there was some superb and vibrant colors that made this lively book pop even more.

I have to admit, the heart string pulling technique affected me here.  Even if it hadn’t, this was still a neat book about heroes with families and the added challenges that presents.  Whether you’re into or sick of superheroes, this is not your average title in the genre and is worth checking out.

For more information on The Adventures of Aero-Girl or other Action Lab titles, check out Action Lab.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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