The Activity

“The evolution of global warfare necessitates the evolution of special forces to rise and meet the call. The U.S Army has therefore looked to its last secret special operations tribe, the INTELLIGENCE SUPPORT ACTIVITY, or Gray Fox. Within Gray Fox is a team of elite men and women whose mission is flexible, whose technology is bleeding edge, and whose execution is precise and lethal. They are Team Omaha, and they serve THE ACTIVITY.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final hard copy books that I brought back with me from C2E2. This series almost got overlooked because it fell behind some more recent books in the magic review bag. I’m so glad I found it, though!  Honestly, it was another of those series where I looked at the cover and thought this looks really military…GI Joe’ish…is this going to be for me? Well, read on to find out what I thought.

The Good: The artistry works for this book. It’s dark and gritty but it’s right alongside the storyline. It’s a storyline covering the dark world of undercover agents where things don’t always go as planned. I have the first four books in this series and I picked the next one up as I was putting the previous one down.

The Bad: Spanish. Spanish, you say? What’s wrong with Spanish? Not a thing. It’s a great language spoken by many great people (two of which write for this site so yeah, not bashing Spanish!). However, in two of the books, there are multiple pages where the dialogue is completely in Spanish and while I speak a little, it wasn’t enough to fully understand what was happening. I’m not sure if comic books are known for subtitles, but those pages would have been so much nicer if I’d known what was being said.

The Summary: All in all, a really great series. The realism in the story is fantastic and the whole thing made me wonder what happens to Team Omaha as they venture out into new countries and discover new challenges. I want to know the back stories on these guys. We get hints of it in the first four books, but I’d love to know more.

If you’d like to know more, check it out! Amazon has their trade in stock! It has the first 5 issues so you’d be one issue ahead of me! Also, even though I lost their business card (bad reviewer! bad!), the author is kind enough to have a website so go check that out for more information!

I received the first four issues of this book for the purpose of this review. No special ops teams influenced this review. All thoughts, comments and page turning totally belong to me.

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