Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill 1

Set in the Honorverse from the bestselling military science
fiction novels by DAVID WEBER, this is the first-ever completely original
comics story arc! Honor Harrington’s uncle, last seen investigating a
Vegas-like space station for its use of Mesan genetic slaves, is now missing
and she takes a leave of absence from the military to find him deep in Solarian

This comic book has two writers, and you can really tell! By this I mean that there are a lot of words in this comic. I have nothing against words, and the words in the comic are well written. But still, what’s the deal with all these words? There’s an entire universe here that I’m not familiar with. It seems like an interesting universe, some sort of hybrid between Firefly and Star Wars except with way more animals. Matt Hawkins and Dan Wickline (or MattDan, as they prefer to be called) do a good job delineating such an intense degree of information, everything presented does make sense. I just can’t help but shake the feeling that this comic would make more sense with an encyclopedia of the Honorverse. I do also have the attention span/brain capacity of a goldfish.

If Earth without art is just eh, than Honor without art is a real bummer! Artist Linda Sejic brings this cold, dystopian space future to life. You can almost feel the foreign comfort of the spaceship interiors our characters reside in. The unfortunate souls that are “bred to kill” really do seem like sad, mistreated sacks of meat, and there is a unfortunate sense of catharsis when they are slaughtered. When it comes to art, this book does not pull any punches. It throws punches directly into your face with a sense of honor.

Top Cow Productions made this, which is also a very good pickup line to use at your local watering hole. Top Cow is related to Image Comics, so make sure to check out Image Comics on Facebook BookFace for more comics about things.


Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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