Tales from Oz 6

Zamora is the evil witch who brought Oz to its knees. Now,
see her before the corrupting black magic twisted her into a monster!
The newest installment in the Tales from Oz series takes a
look at Zamora, the Wicked Witch of the East, before she started terrorizing
Munchkins.  Zamora was a typical girl
(typical for Oz at least) back in the day. 
After a bit of “trouble” at home she was sent to Abraxas Academy to hone
her magical abilities.  Although not
quite fitting in at first, Zamora soon befriended Glinda and even found love in
Lugg.  After all of the family problems
she had endured, she was finally happy. 
A shame that this does not last as everyone knows what fate has in store
for Zamora down the road.
Although this is a nice look into the Wicked Witch’s past, I
felt Jeff Massey left the story a little sparse.  This was definitely more visual than anything
as there wasn’t much in the way of text to follow along.  It would have been cool if Jeff had delved a
little deeper into Zamora’s time at Abraxas, showing how she became friends
with Glinda, or how she fell for Lugg, unless this was all detailed in a
different issue that I’m not aware of.  It
seemed like Zamora had a somewhat Harry Potter-esque experience while she was
at the Academy and I would have liked to seen more hijinks going down.  Mario Del Pennino did a great job with the
artwork.  I like the cartoony look he
gave the book, which lightened up Zamora before her inevitable turn to her more
evil ways.  A good issue, but not one of
my favorites either.  Like I said before,
I feel like it could have gotten a little more in-depth, especially given that
this is just a stand-alone in the series.

Tales from Oz issue six gave readers a glimpse into Zamora’s past and even showed the beginning of the end of her good natured ways. If only she was more in-tune with her powers, she may have had a chance to prevent it all from going so wrong. In any case, if you’re a fan of Zenescope’s Oz series then pick up this issue to find out more about one of the greatest villains ever to plague Oz. For more info on where to find this issue, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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