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Zombie Tramp Vol 3 Issue 4

As Zombie Tramp stirs up trouble in Sin City she catches
the attention of its most legendary resident, The King! The problem is he “left
the building” three decades ago–so what kind of undead monster sits on the
throne now? It’s a buffet of all out high-stakes reanimated action!
The awaiting showdown has come in our journey with the
lady of the night in zombie mode.  In
case that premise completely throws you off, now would be a good time to hit
your store and catch up.  I’m hoping
though, that you are aware by now that I’d be referring to Janey aka Zombie
Tramp.  Will what happens in Vegas stay
in Vegas or is it time for Janey to check out?
With all the majority of zombie Elvis’ minions out of the
way, the moment for our super powered zombie faceoff has arrived...
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Zombie Tramp Vol 3 Issue 3

Zombie Tramp has fallen in with the wrong crowd in her
adventure to Las Vegas… specifically, the undead clutches of the king of Sin
City’s sex trade. Now she’s being forced to wed the jump-suited monster of a
man in a private ceremony at the Grand Canyon! But in this unholy wedding, “Til
death” is just the start.
Now three issues into the anticipated (at least for me) ongoing
series, if you aren’t used to the idea of a sexy undead call girl, you probably
never will be.  It’s honestly still an
amusing concept to me, and I’ve read it since the start.  As funny as the premise is, Zombie Tramp
still manages to retain a dark, serious tone to it if you can believe that.
Our Zombie Tramp Janey is not one to let people push her
over, at least since she’s been undead. 
A ...
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Zombie Tramp Vol 3 Issue 2

She used to be Hollywood’s hottest high priced call girl.  Then a bite from an undead client changed her into something deadly different.  Now she searches for answers.  Janey Belle is the…Zombie Tramp.  It’s kinky supernatural fun as Zombie Tramp hits the road, starting in… Sin City of course!

There’s no question that the Danger Zone from Action Lab takes its name seriously.  If you’re not ready to see titles that push the envelope, then you’ll want to slowly back away.  In the event you’re willing to take the chance and be rewarded with the chance to read great books, Zombie Tramp is one of the many you can check out.  Now with an ongoing series, there’s bound to be plenty of envelope pushing in store for you.

After the previous adventures of Janey aka “Zombie Tramp”, we no...

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Action Lab Entertainment announces 2014-2015 plans

Company unveils its line up at SDCC 2104

PITTSBURGH, PA- Flanked by Action Lab staffers and talent including
Ray-Anthony Height, Jeremy Dale, Vito DelSante, Gayle Middleton, Emily
Martin, James Wright, Phillip Selvy and Nick Marino, Creative Director
and writer/ artist Dave Dwonch announced Action Lab’s slate of upcoming
releases at the is years San Diego Comic Con International.
New releases include the all new series of Puppet Master books, written by Shawn Gabborin, successfully funded Kickstarter projects like Cazadora by Randy Kintz and Sam Eggleston, Nutmeg by James Wright and Jackie Krofts as well as Erik Taylor and Leia Del Duca’s The Pantheon Project.
The line-up also features the return of several popular Action Lab tit...

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Action Lab Entertainment at Comic Con International: San Diego 2014.

Action Lab creators barnstorm the biggest pop culture show of the year with exclusives,

signings and panels.
Show Exclusives:

Zombie Tramp #1 Dan Mendoza Cover Comic-con Exclusive; Limited to 1000 copies

Nutmeg #1 Comic Con Edition; Limited to 1000 Copies
Vamplets: The Nightmare Nursery Book Two Comic-Con Exclusive; Limited to 1000 copies
SKYWARD #8 Comic -Con Sketch cover edition; Limited to 1000 copies

Signing Schedule:

Thursday:   Emily Martin (PRINCELESS)   11:00am – 1:00pm
                    Jeremy Dale (SKYWARD) 1:00pm – 3:00pm
                    Ray Height (MIDNIGHT TIGER)    1:00pm – 3:00pm
Friday:  Dave Dwonch (VAMPLETS, DOUBLE JUMPERS)   12:00pm – 1:00pm
              Jeremy Dale   ...

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