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Zombie Tramp Easter Special

Of all the holidays that a lot of people gather on, Easter is one that’s just kind of another day to me. That in no way is an offense to those that it’s important to, to each their own. With the Zombie Tramp Easter Special out now, I can at least celebrate having another holiday issue with Janey.

While out and about, Janey learns of a “Bunnyland” Easter celebration and decides to attend donning a very Playboy bunny-esque costume. These festivities turn out to be some sort of bizarre cult gathering, complete with cannibalism and bunny suit orgy. Ya. After somehow being susceptible to hypnotizing from the leader, Janey’s patience runs out and ends the party with traditional death and destruction.

Generally, the artwork here is another fun collection of the Zombie Tramp visuals we all enjoy ...

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Zombie Tramp Vol 10 Issue #32 + Vol 11 Issue #33

Now that we know of Xula’s secret alliance with Kaiju Queen, will she prove her worthiness in the next task that has been laid out for her? Fan favorite voodoo priestess Xula gets the spotlight!

It’s been a couple months since our last outing with this title, so bear with me as we bundle a couple together. While they are parts of different arcs, they’re still connected enough that it’s not a problem. That being said, we close out one arc with issue thirty-two and begin a new with thirty-three of Zombie Tramp.

Closing out the “Gory Road” arc featuring Vampblade, Zombie Tramp absolutely dominates the werewolf she faces. Vampblade also manages very easily against her fishy foe, and the two ladies part ways once again...

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Zombie Tramp Vol 10 Issue #31

Janey and her road crew continue their battle with The Brotherhood of Monster Truckers, but when the monsters appear to be possessed by space parasites, it’s time to call on an old friend… or more like frenemy! Vampblade returns, fighting alongside Zombie Tramp this time!

Yes! The dynamic duo has returned! Well ok, not that dynamic duo, but it’s definitely a kickass pair of characters. Plus, this is a crossover I thoroughly enjoyed the first time and likely still will. It’s issue 31 of the solo Zombie Tramp title, but a familiar face joins her again.

Zombie Tramp and Vampblade actually run into some trouble against the monster team and get caught. Quickly recovering though, Janey does her teleport thing and begins taking them out...

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Zombie Tramp New Years Eve Special 2016

It’s New Years Eve in NYC and that means a couple stiff media friendly suits gripping their mics and broadcasting live while giant balls drop! Well this year Zombie Tramp is going to help them bring in 2017 with a BANG in this all new special issue!

This was the first year in a while that I didn’t actually do any real celebrating for New Year’s. That is, unless you count playing Final Fantasy a geeky version of celebration. If only I had the Zombie Tramp New Years Eve Special 2016 I’d have partied with my favorite undead lady.

Janey and Xula are in the Big Apple and ready to party in their own special deadly way. They’re both hungry and take part in a competition to see who can take out their target first...

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Zombie Tramp Vol 10 Issue #30

When Janey and her new road warriors cross paths with an old long-hauling lycanthropic foe, he calls on The Brotherhood of Monster Truckers to help settle the score. Now it’s an all-out undead battle of the blacktop!!

I can’t say from personal experience, as I said last time, but I’m sure every road trip has something go wrong. Car problems, getting lost, no vacant motels, the list is probably endless. The thirtieth issue of Zombie Tramp even has some challenges of its own, although unlike any you’d normally see.

At this point, Janey must really be sick of long trips across the good ol’ US of A and it’s only getting worse. A werewolf from her past shows up hauling down the road in a big rig, out to mess up her day...

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