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E.V.I.L. Heroes #2

The world as we know it is gone. There are no more countries. No more governments. There are no more people…only slaves. The new Gods of mankind have come and they rule with an iron hand.  But deep in a secret base beneath the Nevada desert man’s last hope.

E.V.I.L. Heroes continues its campy take one what a real superhero-dominated world would be like. The characters are stock, the art is a bit sloppy, but who cares? It’s big dumb fun. The moon gets destroyed. Donald Trump bows to anti-Superman. And DC’s frontrunners get a big ole stick in their collective eye.

My only hope is that the creators of EH don’t drag it out too long – stop when you’re ahead, guys. End it with a world-shattering bang, and then let the pieces float off into space...

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Grimm Fairy Tales: Van Helsing vs Frankenstein #2

Liesel Van Helsing faces the devastating results of her last hunt… and now, she must stand up against a foe more horrific that she could’ve ever imagined. With her back against the wall and no one to help her, Helsing must use her wits if she wishes to survive her first encounter with Frankenstein!

VHVF is a slice of gory fun. The art is excellent, the story fast-paced and pretty much everything you’d need from a comic about hunting monsters. There’s even a bit of pathos, for you emotional human types. The creators of this little gem don’t waste too much time; each issue begins and ends with a fight, with a little bit of buildup in the middle. That’s what we want! Feed your public, Zenescope! We crave that sweet, gooey, slightly fish-smelling monster blood.

Final Verdict: 4 out of...

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Grimm Fairy Tales Apocalypse #1

The casts of Zenescope’s flagship series – Grimm Fairy Tales, Robyn Hood, and Hellchild – unite for an event to end all comic book events… the apocalypse. One year ago, Robyn Hood and Marian Quin united to imprison the Four Horsemen underneath New York City, preventing the apocalypse. Now, faced with the return of these unstoppable, immortal demons, Robyn had a choice: sacrifice the world… or her soul.

Oh, the apocalypse. Whether it be biblical, or nuclear wars, or any number of creatures from the darkest corners of the universe, we’ve faced it many times. Most times we’ve even managed to avoid it. In the first issue of Grimm Fairy Tales Apocalypse, it’s a pretty familiar threat that brings on the end of the world, but will we be able to stop it?

This megafest of the above mentioned ...

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Grimm Tales of Terror Vol 2 #11

It is ingrained in our minds to be wary of strangers. Travelers often tell tales of hitchhikers with sinister intentions. In this spin on a classic urban legend, a hitchhiker in desperate need of a ride may find himself in for more than he bargained for in this twisted tale from Zenescope Entertainment.

Wait, we’re supposed to be wary of strangers? You mean I shouldn’t be running towards the van for free candy? I supposed I also shouldn’t be picking up random people on the road. Is that why hitchhiking is illegal? Or is it because of things that happen like we see in Grimm Tales of Terror Vol 2 #11.

This latest Grimm horror introduces us to a traveling salesman, who after seeing someone in the road ends up crashing. On Route 66 of course...

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Grimm Fairy Tales: Van Helsing vs Frankenstein #1

Liesel Van Helsing has dedicated her live to keeping the streets of New York City safe from the otherworldly threats that lurk in the night. However, when she teams up with a hunter who is every bit as cunning as she is, the very nature of the hunt is thrown into question. With the tables turned, and Helsing now on the run from an unstoppable foe, she must unite with the creatures of darkness if she wishes to survive.

Continuing its tradition of depicting chilly lasses battling monsters (sometimes without the monsters), Zenescope graces us with a title which, it turns out, is pretty dang cool.

This is one of those rare cases where the interiors were better than the cover. We’re plunged right into a shadow-drenched world of carnage populated by gruesome ghouls and badass females...

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